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Learning should never stops, as things keep changing, and they move rapidly in IT and information security. Joining communities is a great way to expand your skills, stay informed about new developments, or to engage with other security professionals.

While our friendly communities are focused in 802.11 security, you are welcome to discuss about anything wireless as well. They are open to everybody wanting to learn. Wireless is a fascinating topic, and we know a good deal about it.

They also are a great place to show what you built, whether it is software, hardware, or both. Got a question, looking for resources, or trying to solve an issue with some tools you are using or developing, ask away.

Our Discord community is open to everybody.

Our Discord server offers, on top of the chat, updates development updates from a number of Open Source projects closely related to WiFi Security (Aircrack-ng, bettercap, hashcat, hostapd, Kismet, rtl8812au, wifite2, and more), as well as updates from Kali and Pentoo. This includes a dedicated channel displaying new tool releases.

Additionally, we have updates from a number of security researchers, as well as information security conventions around the world (Def Con, BlackHat, BSides, SharkFest, and others), Def Con groups, Capture the Flag, meetups, and more.

We currently have more than 450 information security feeds coming from Twitter, GitHub, GitLab, and other news sources. And growing.

We do our best to keep our communities a friendly and safe place for everybody to enjoy. However, if you need to bring our attention to something, let a moderator know, or contact us with an email or via the form on that page.