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About us

FinchSec was founded by Thomas d'Otreppe de Bouvette with the goal of providing state of the art 802.11 information security trainings first and foremost, as well as other services in this field. Our tagline is "Security in a cinch, with Finch".

Thomas is a prolific speaker and WiFi security expert. A software engineer at heart, Thomas is the creator of numerous information security Open Source Software (OSS) in the WiFi security field, including Aircrack-ng. Released in 2006, Aircrack-ng continues to be one of the top tool suites used by penetration testers against WiFi networks. To this day, Thomas proudly serves as the project's lead developer, ensuring it maintains its status and relevance for years to come.

In addition to software development, Thomas originally created the Offensive Security WiFu course with Mati Aharoni. It is a Wi-Fi Security course and is also known as Wireless Attacks or PEN-210. He redesigned the course a few years ago from the ground up and developed its content.

Thomas has delivered workshops, classes, talks, and keynote speeches at information security conventions and universities in Europe and the Americas. The highlights of his speaking career include talks and classes at Defcon, BlackHat, Sharkfest, and DerbyCon, on the topic of WiFi Security.

Between his over 15 years of practical, professional, and academic expertise, Thomas has emerged as a subject matter expert for WiFi security and penetration testing.

As a subject matter expert, Thomas noted that many existing WiFi Security courses were either not thorough enough or used training methodologies he didn't consider ideal. He ultimately created FinchSec to provide, among other things, state of the art 802.11 information security training, with an emphasis on creating proficient and knowledgeable WiFi penetration testers and field experts.