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WiFi Exploitation 101

Become a WiFi penetration tester for $499

Created in 2023, our course is available as an instructor-led 2-day online class with 12 hands-on labs, starting at $499. Coming soon as a self-paced course.

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Curriculum/content development, with or without live training, on site or online.

All our training are also available as private classses.

Subject Matter Expert

Need expert advice for your next project? We have 15+ years of experience in 802.11 security and information security.

Software development

Development, debugging, testing, automation, maintenance, and support.

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Recent posts
2023 APR

Set up an access point on Linux using hostapd and dnsmasq

In this blog post, we'll learn how to set-up an access point on Linux, using hostapd and dnsmasq, to provide Internet to WiFi clients.

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2023 MAR

Testing Alfa AWUS036AXML - Part 1

Let's discover this 2x2 WiFi 6E USB adapter with Kali 2023.1, and perform some quick testing.

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2023 FEB

New Docker containers and updates to our Kali container

Along with updates to our Kali container, we added Wireless Exploitation Framework (WEF), WiFite2, and a couple more.

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2023 FEB

The channels in our Discord server got a redesign

Our Discord server got a makeover. We now have more than 200 feeds coming from Twitter, GitHub, GitLabs, and other places.

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2023 FEB

WiFi Exploitation 101, our new course is available as a live class

Our brand new course, WiFi Exploitation 101, is now available as a live online 1-day class, with 10 hands-on labs.

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2023 FEB

WiFi Security communities now open, with a forum and a Discord server

Learning never stops, as things change, and rapidly in information security and IT. Things get faster and more complex as time goes, and we need to keep up. ...

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